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Should You Use Banc De Binary – An Honest Review

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016


Binary options are a relatively new trend of online trading, which is very convenient for most people – especially because of the ease of doing it. But, with so many brokers available, how do you know you are not getting scammed and that your money doesn’t vanish? The truth is, there is always a risk, but hat you can do to minimize the risk is to choose a reliable partner, with a reliable experience, using a reliable trading platform.

Banc De Binary is a trustworthy option, at least from our experience. Offering simple solutions and an impeccable Customer Service – you can be sure that you are in good hands! The only downward is that it is not available to the US customers, since on January the 20, they started working under the CYSEC –The Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission. Their headquarters are in Cyprus and they were founded in 2009, but don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean they are new. Their experience, acquired in the Stock and Forex Markets, which is over 100 years old, speaks for the professionalism of the name Banc De Binary. They are the world’s first regulated broker and have customers in over 80 countries worldwide and are known as one of the most trustworthy binary options brokers. A reputation like this can be a little tough to maintain, but still, the company has managed to stay on the top for so many years.

Banc De Binary offer support 24/7 in various languages via Live chat, and email they are fluent In:

  • Arabic
  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish



Once you sign up – you have a few options to choose from, according to your status and possibilities, which makes the money-making process easy for a larger group of people.  You can deposit a minimum of 250$, invest a minimum of $1 and maximum of $6000. The returns percentage is from 60% to 91%. The simplicity of the website and the help from the highly-qualified Customer Support team will make your experience quite a joy.

In spite of the fact that our personal experience with Banc de Binary was quite positive, we decided to look up into the reviews and see what people were complaining about, just to give you an advice on how to overcome it.

First thing is first – don’t be greedy right away. It will be easier to withdraw money if you do not accept bonuses, even though “free money” might seem very appealing. Work slowly and work with what you have got.

Second complaint that we have read about the most is money withdrawal whenever you want to. A simple explanation to this is that your paperwork is not complete. So if you wonder how to complete your paperwork – here is the solution:

– Register with the broker and do not deposit any money before you have done the following:
– Send your info: ID and credit card info by not displaying first 12 numbers and the CVC code in the back
– Ask your account manager to email you a statement for “Approved for Deposit & Withdrawal confirmation”
– Make your deposit after you have completed the above documentation
– Happy trading and withdrawing!

We hope our tips will help you to have a better experience with trading, Banc De Binary is definitely the right choice for you!

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In depth review of Banc de Binary

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015

When people who have years and years of experience and tons and tons of knowledge repeatedly claim that you are the best a something, than there is a pretty good chance that you are in fact the best. If something happens just once or twice it may still be a fluke and we could accredit it to luck, but if things are constant than it has to be recognized that such events are not a coincidence. Exactly this type of story is happening with a broker house called Banc de Binary, and this company is very often reported as the biggest and the best broker currently to the market.

Also, this tittle has been in the hands of this enterprise for a few years now, and this Banc de Binary review will take a look at those details and features which make it so good and why people have so much faith and trust in this company. Banc-De-Binary-Broker-Demo1

            As a multinational corporation, Banc de Binary offers trading in binary options to traders from all over the world, and for instance, they currently have over 250.000 registered accounts. Trading in binary options is a very popular and exciting method of online transactions which basically asks from the trader to predict if a price will reach a certain level in the given period of time. Most people who attack this type of trading say that it is just gambling, and that people are easily being fooled into giving their money to those brokers while believing in the staggeringly high success rates and unrealistic promises. Admittedly, there are a lot of scam brokers on the market nowadays, but Banc de Binary is one the most reliable brokers and trading with this company is super-safe and clients can have no worries about the protection of their funds and personal information. This also comes from the fact that Banc de Binary is regulated by CySEC since 2013, and this license is a strong indication about the type of operations this company runs and also presents a 100% guarantee that this broker house is totally legit.

Banc de Binary Review

            When it comes to the platform and the process of trading itself, Banc de Binary has the best software on the market, which basically means that the interface of this website is highly customizable but also very easy to use and super-friendly. A lot of services and additional features are a part of this platform, and things like great educational center, binary trading signals and others are just a click away. This enterprise is dedicated to new and inexperienced users and they are welcomed to the business in the best possible way.

            Other features of Banc de Binary website include things like 200 assets which can be used for trading and very efficient and pleasant customer support. They can be reached at any given moment and they are the reason behind the great marks that the company gets because of so many satisfied users. Clients can trade in a safe environment and Banc de Binary will generously provide them with a chance to win some serious money.

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How to recognize reliable binary options brokers

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015

Binary options brokers are nowadays coming from all over the world, and they also offer their services to people from all over the world, but only a few of them can be included into the exclusive group of those which we can call the best binary options brokers, and those who are at the top deserve every praise and have high marks for good reasons. One of the most important reasons for good overall quality of binary options broker is security, and this aspect is especially emphasized in recent years when hackers and viruses are present all over the global network, and when even giant banks and governments are not safe.


             When it comes to security and safety, the best binary option brokers are the ones who pay extreme attention to this element of their website and they provide completely protected trading environment. Depositing money, withdrawal of funds, and any other type of financial transaction is under great care from teams who are in charge of monitoring these activities and they make sure that there is no breach of any kind and that everything goes according to law, and policies of the company as well. However, there are some brokers, if they can be called that way, which do not even plan to protect anybody’s investments, and those sites are called scam brokers and they present real danger for inexperienced traders. Scam websites are active all over the internet, in different ways and varying methods of operating, but what they all have in common is the fact that they use basic phishing techniques or some similar type of deception to lure those greedy and gullible users onto their websites. After signing up, they can steal your money, use your personal information in any way they want, or find some other new manner of putting your identity and bank account in danger.  binary-options

            With reliable brokers those fears and concerns are not necessary, since those companies have earned their name through years of working with people from all over the world and who have minimum amount of complaints and only a handful of users who were not satisfied by services. Broker houses like “Banc de Binary”, “StockPair”, “Porter Finance”, “24Option” and many others are present in this business for years and they are certainly belonging to the very top, or to that group of the best binary options brokers which was mentioned at the beginning of the article. What makes them so good and reliable is also the fact that they are regulated by renowned agencies which are in charge of monitoring trading activities and give licenses to those brokers who are legitimate. binary_options_tipsWell-known regulatory bodies, like CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) issue their licenses as a kind of guarantee to all potential traders that the company in question performs full legitimate trading, and that using that broker will not result in lawsuits and anger. Therefore, having a license or not having a license is the key factor when deciding which company is reliable or not, and potential users of their services should always check this first.

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How to use Binary Option Robot

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015

Trading binary options, if you want to do it successfully, requires a lot of time, learning and dedication. Many facilitating services have been created in order to make binary trading easier and more available, and among these services are binary robots that offer fully automatized trading. One of the most popular and widely used binary bot providers is Binary Option Robot, which offers traders both automatized trading and binary signals that facilitate manual trading.


Binary Option Robot is easy to use and available with many different brokers. It is important to know that, in order to connect the binary broker account with Binary Option Robot, you cannot do so if you already have an account with some of the binary options brokers. Instead, you will need to create a new account directly through the website of Binary Option Robot, since it is the only way for the bot to follow your trades, earnings and the money you deposit.

robot-opzioni-binarie-gratis2Once you decide to open an account, you will first need to fill in your personal details, such as first and last name, location, the currency you deposit and withdraw, and a password which you create yourself. After this, you will get login details for a binary options broker. The following step is to go to the binary options broker’s site and choose the amount of money you would like to deposit, together with the credit card information. After this, when you log in on Binary Option Robot website, the amount of money deposited on the broker’s account will be connected with the account you created on Binary Option Robot. It is possible to create several accounts with different brokers available through Binary Option Robot, and it will be possible to trade through each of them, as well as to create different trading strategy for every broker.

iStock_000009212830_ExtraSmallWhen you want to start the robot, you will need to turn on the “Active Trading” button, and place the deposit you had previously put onto the broker’s account. There is “More Settings” button available, which allows you, as a trader, to choose from many different trade options. Other than the assets you want the robot to trade, you can set up daily loss you are willing to take, the amount of trade and maximum number of daily trades, which will prevent the robot to trade further once the limits are reached. These are very useful options, because they guarantee that you will not lose more money that you would want to lose if you traded manually. You will also be allowed to set up risk level, on a scale from 1 to 4. For example, if you choose level 1, that is the lowest risk, and it means that the robot will trade the assets only with risk level 1, without going into performing the trades that involve higher risk.

Trading with Binary Option Robot allows you to set up the preferences in a way that you are protected from great losses, which makes this binary robot provider safe and advisable to use. The platform is very user-friendly, and even if you have not used a binary bot before, you will certainly get to know it very quickly.

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